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One way you can help preserve the look and functionality of your concrete over time is by having it cleaned and sealed. Our team at Perfectionist Solutions uses a specialized pressure washer to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up over time. After the concrete has dried for 24 hours, we will apply a commercial-grade penetrating sealer that will protect your concrete from salt and other chemicals in the environment. Our sealer is more effective than products that only form a film on the surface, last longer, and costs less than similar sealers found in home improvement stores. By preserving your concrete with our professional-grade concrete sealing in Columbus, OH, you are ensuring that it looks beautiful for years to come!

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Your concrete can become susceptible to fading and staining due to constant use. That’s why our expert crew at Perfectionist Solutions offers professional concrete sealing to keep stains and signs of wear and tear at bay. Regularly sealing your concrete also makes it easier to eliminate unwanted organic growth that builds up due to prolonged exposure to rain and sun. If that weren’t enough, concrete sealing gives your outdoor flooring a good amount of resistance to moisture, preventing water from penetrating your pavers’ pores and causing moisture-related damage. Increase your concrete’s protection and help it stand up to the sun!

Concrete sealing can go a long way toward elevating the natural beauty of your outdoor flooring. Many homeowners tend to use natural-looking pavers that are made of brick or stone, which offer their decor style a charming, rustic appearance. However, despite the natural beauty of these pavers’ materials, you may want your pavers to mesh more seamlessly with your outdoor decor. Concrete sealing is the perfect answer to this issue: concrete sealing rounds out the visual appearance of your paver driveways, patios, and walkways by lending them a sophisticated sheen that takes your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

When you schedule an appointment for our concrete sealing in Columbus, OH, you can rest assured that you’re doing more than just investing in your outdoor area’s beauty — you’re making the drainage around your property much more efficient. Concrete is a naturally porous material, which means that it’s especially vulnerable to damage and erosion caused by moisture. Thanks to our concrete sealing, you provide your outdoor flooring with a strong layer that can prevent water from getting into your concrete’s pores. This creates efficient run-off from precipitation and can go a long way toward improving drainage around your hardscape surfaces.

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Scheduling an appointment for professional concrete sealing is the final step for you to take after you’ve had the exterior of your property power washed. Our concrete sealing in Columbus, OH, ensures you’re protecting the investment you make in your concrete driveway and sidewalk once they’ve been cleaned. Our technicians apply premium sealants to maximize your concrete’s durability and extend its lifespan. You’ll also enjoy enhanced curb appeal, thanks to the new-and-improved appearance that your concrete surfaces will have. Ensure your concrete is protected from deterioration, discoloration, and weather-related damage by calling us today for professional concrete sealing services!

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Frequently Asked Concrete Sealing Questions

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As a Columbus, OH, homeowner, you know just how intense the sun’s rays can get. Sealing your concrete can protect it from UV rays that can cause it to fade and lose its color. You also mitigate the risk of moisture getting into your concrete’s pores, which causes unwanted erosion. 

Yes, and for the better! Professionally sealing your concrete is guaranteed to bring out the natural color of your outdoor flooring since the sealants that we use are absorbed beneath your surfaces, shielding them from harsh UV rays. Additionally, sealing these areas keeps unwanted organic growth from causing unsightly discoloration.

The time it takes for us to seal concrete depends on the size of the area we’re sealing. Once we’ve finished applying sealants to surfaces, you can expect everything to dry fully within one to three days, depending on your local area’s weather conditions and how much sealant we’ve applied.

We recommend sealing your concrete if you’ve recently cleaned and restored your outdoor area’s surfaces. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to schedule a concrete sealing appointment every three to five years. If you notice that water sinks into your outdoor area’s surfaces, it’s probably time for you to reseal them.

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