Pressure washing a home is one of the easiest, best, and most cost-effective ways to change its appearance. Many homeowners don’t even realize how dirty their siding, walkways, fence, decks and roof have become over the years. The buildup is slow and most don’t even recognize it. Then, one day, the green walls, streaked roof, and splotchy sidewalks and decking stand out, compared to the neighbor’s house, which was just professionally pressure washed.

When hiring an exterior cleaning company, a homeowner should make sure the techs will employ the “softwash” approach. This is a perfect combination of gentle water pressure and environmentally-friendly detergents. These detergents are biodegradable and are safe on all trees, plants, and landscape materials.

The detergents loosen the elements and the right pressure — for the material being cleaned – cleans thoroughly without the threat of destruction. While “softwash” and “pressure washing” seem to have opposing definitions, it’s the “blasting away” of dirt and grime that quickly becomes costly. Concentrated water pressure can easily put holes in siding, break shingles, and scar concrete and wood surfaces.

Dirt, grime, mildew, and other destructive elements naturally accumulate on your home’s siding. If not properly cleaned, vinyl, brick, Hardiplank and even stucco can break down after seasons of exposure. Your home may be your most valuable asset and it should be valued as such with regular, proper cleaning.

A professional house wash not only cleans siding of mold, mildew, insects, bird droppings, and other dirt and grime but also sanitizes it by killing microbial growth.

Many homeowners have probably seen the certain exterior walls covered in little black dots. Many have likely tried to remove them with a fingernail, only to realize that this “artillery” or “shotgun” fungus (Sphaerobolus stellatus) is much tougher than their fingernail. This fungus originates in the mulch that homeowners place around their homes. These dots – and even destructive graffiti — are a challenge that professional cleaning techs can overcome with softwash power washing.

Obviously, effective cleaning with no damage is a top priority when hiring a company, but there’s one aspect of the process many don’t think of until it is too late. That aspect is the overall look and the cleanup. Many a homeowner, using their own consumer-grade power washer, has learned that it’s not easy to spend a day “cleaning,” only to step back and look at a bigger mess than when the day began.

Professional pressure washing techs know how to clean and leave the property looking great, with only a few damp spots on the ground. It is a true art form to use detergents and water over multiple surfaces and leave everything neat and tidy at the conclusion of the job.  

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